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jennaxfischer is a little corner of Livejournal dedicated to co-star of NBC's The
Office, Jenna Fischer. Here, you can discuss everything Jenna - her role as Pam Beesley; her upcoming film projects; her Cupcake Courier! Nothing's off-topic if Jenna's involved.

For a chance to actually interact with Jenna, you should visit her (and Pam's!) MySpace.
Posting Guidelines
Clearly, this is a community for FANS of Jenna Fischer. If that doesn't describe you, then you're in the wrong place.
Be respectful of your fellow members!
If you're posting news, read back to make sure someone else hasn't already brought it over.
Image posts should go under an LJ cut. Sample images should be no larger than 320x320.
Please include a subject line to your post and be specific. That way, it's easier to find posts in the archives.
Icons and picspams are no longer allowed here. However, they're more than welcome at fischer_kinsey.
No friending memes. Ever. No one wants to see the same friending meme advertised 400 times on their friends page.

Posts that don't follow these guidelines WILL be rejected.
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